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TR Hydraulic Shower Trolley

TR Hydraulic Shower Trolley

Comfortable hydraulic height adjustable shower trolley.
Model: TR 2000
Safe Working Load: 150 kg

A comfortable hydraulic height adjustable shower trolley that ensures efficient and safe patient handling and is available in three different lengths. The trolley can be used for many different purposes such as showering, dressing and nursing. All TR 2000 models are supplied with gray mattress, gray pillow and flexi drain hose and are ready to use immediately after unpacking.

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The TR 2000/3000 Shower Trolley

The TR 2000/3000 Shower Trolley is unique with its side mounted column, allowing the trolley stretcher to overlap the bed further for a safe and easy person transfer. The trolley assists and functions already at the bed side allow- ing the attendant to have easy access to the trolley controls including height adjustment, stretcher tilt, castor brakes and straight steering.

The protective side rails are lowered when the stretcher is located over the bed and without any heavy lifting for the attendant, the person is easily, gently and safely positioned on the trolley mattress. The trolley side rails are then secured before transporting away from bed.

The side rail on the attendant side is hinged so that it will fold all the way down. This makes it easier for the attendant to handle the person during transfer. The trolley stretcher has drains at both ends allowing the person to be positioned in either directions. There is no head or foot end specified.