Power Wheelchairs / ATOM (All Terrain Off Road Mobility)



All Terrain Off-Road Mobility Petrol Powered Wheelchair
Safe Working Load: 175 kg

Atom, the world’s first purpose designed outdoor pursuits vehicle of its type was the result of using sound engineering principles. This vehicle solved the many problems of existing equipment and produced a robust machine suitable for harsh outdoor and work environments. The Atom is not affected by water and is capable of working in conditions well outside the normal electric power chair capabilities.

The Atom has been refined into a production unit aimed at both the physically impaired and able bodied persons who for various reasons can not pursue their previous outdoor lifestyle.

A four wheeled, front wheel drive, outdoor, petrol powered wheelchair with a rigid steel frame. The wheelchair is suitable for adults and is fitted with the Pride Mobility Synergy Seating System. The wheelchair does not dismantle for transport. A range of accessories are available. Can be customised.